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At CBDFoil.com, we are dedicated to providing high-quality CBD products and outstanding customer service to our customers. To help us reach a wider audience, we offer advertising opportunities for brands and businesses in the CBD industry. Our goal is to create meaningful connections between customer needs and business offerings—allowing both parties to benefit from increased visibility and brand awareness.

Advertising on CBDFoil.com offers you the opportunity to:

  • Reach a targeted audience of consumers interested in purchasing CBD products
  • Make your brand more visible through display advertisements
  • Improve engagement with potential customers
  • Generate leads that can be further nurtured into sales

Our advertising options are customizable, so you can tailor them to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for display ads, sponsored posts, or something else entirely – we’ll work with you to create a campaign that works best for you. Let’s have a detailed look at the Advertising terms and policy.

Advertising Terms at CBD Foil

Trust and transparency are essential values that should exist between a publication, its readers, and its advertisers. By publicly displaying and adhering to these Guidelines, we hope to maintain our website's editorial integrity and regain any trust lost with our reader base. We realize that only some guidelines can Fontana 8 address each situation that might arise in business, especially with how frequently the media industry changes. These guidelines will be revisited and revised as needed. We're also always willing to take suggestions, criticism, and feedback from our readers or other invested parties.

General Advertising Guidelines

The CBDFoil.com team has created the following guidelines to ensure that all advertisements and sponsor content are distinguishable from editorial content. All advertising material will be labeled "Advertisement" by CBDFoil.com when, in our opinion, it is necessary to differentiate between publication material and advertising.

Advertisers are responsible for ensuring that their ads follow all laws, regulations, and guidelines. Even though the advertising's content does not show CBDFoil.com or its editors' views, if we think that an ad has wrongful or unlawful information, then CBDFOIL.COM will take away the full ad or parts of it.

At CBDFoil.com, we have the right to refuse or remove any advertising against our brand image or reputation. We will always handle each case individually, but some examples of types of ads we wont accept are:

Advertising that is indecent, obscene, suggestive, profane, or offensive in CBDFoil.com's opinion.

  1. Advertising should not present the legal cannabis industry in a negative light or condone/further illegal activities.
  2. Advertising that CBDFoil.com believes is hateful or violent text advocating against any individual, group, or organization will not be tolerated on our site.
  3. Advertising that is determined to be inflammatory by CBDFoil.com.
  4. CBDFoil.com does not support any advertising that could be considered a personal attack against an individual, country, or organization.

CBDFoil.com does not condone advertising that it feels will damage its mission, brand, or reputation. The final decision to accept an advertiser and their advertisements will be up to CBDFoil.com's staff alone. Our editors will have no say in the matter.

At any time, CBDFoil.com may remove advertising content if it is inconsistent with the policies described in this document, regardless of prior notice to the advertising client or how long the advertising content has been accepted or displayed on our website.

Featured Content Guidelines

The following section provides the guidelines that shall apply to all Featured Content served by or appearing on CBDFoil.com and its subsidiaries. Advertisers create, commission, or promote Featured Content in collaboration with CBDFoil.com's staff. We allow three forms of Featured Content:

  1. Content produced by CBDFoil.com for its advertising partners, and
  2. Ad-generated content.
  3. Use CBDFoil.com's' readily available content to help promote your website.

Featured content is paid advertising that does not necessarily reflect the views and choices of CBDFoil.com's editors. Accordingly, CBDFoil.com will prominently display the label "Featured" on all featured content, usually in place of the "Author" section. In addition, where necessary or possible, CBDFoil.com will include further explanation defining Featured Content to readers in certain areas and platforms. Furthermore, CBDFoil.com's editorial team designs Advertising and Sponsor Content to be differentiated from regular editorial content, so readers are fully aware of what they're consuming.

Although we don't shy away from hot-button topics with our Featured Content, this content must maintain the same integrity and authority as our editorial pieces.

With that in mind, we reserve the right to refuse publication of any piece that would reflect poorly on CBDFoil.com or its editors.

To protect our brand, CBDFoil.com reserves the right to remove any sponsored content that is false, illegal, or misleading. We also reserve the right to remove any content that could damage our reputation or cause disparagement.

Sponsor & Advertiser Agreement

By advertising on CBDFoil.com, you agree to the terms and conditions below. If you are an advertiser working with an agency, then both the Advertiser and Agency must agree to these terms. These terms may be updated without warning or notice, so please check back periodically.


We have the right to approve or reject any advertisement at our will and for any reason. If we cancel an advertisement, not due to a breach by the Advertiser, they are still responsible for fees up until such cancellation. CBDFoil is also not responsible if there are errors in information given in advertising materials from either party.

Placements & Formats

CBDFoil.com works to place advertisements in the best possible manner for our readers and sponsors. Advertisers should be aware that sponsorship products, placements, and formats may change during their sponsorship term. If such changes occur, CBDFoil will attempt to give notice in advance so new advertisements can be made if needed. At its sole discretion, CBDFoil.com may produce these advertisements for advertisers directly.


To keep our trusted advertising standards, we only accept prepaid credit-based advertising and sponsorship. The credit terms for any Advertiser or its agency are up to our discretion and can be changed or discontinued by us whenever. If payment isn't made when it's due, we hold the right to cancel all orders for advertising from the company. We allow ourselves to also hold Advertiser and its advertising agency responsible together for money owed, which is payable to us.

Note that our advertising rates are subject to change, and we do not accept legal liability clauses, insertion orders, or contracts. If payment is not received from the Advertiser or agency, or if there is a breach of this Agreement's terms, the Advertiser and agency will be responsible for paying all costs and expenses associated with enforcement proceedings and collection attempts - including attorneys' fees. Advertising fees cannot be refunded under any circumstances.


If you have questions and want more information about advertising or sponsoring us, please shoot us an email at info@cbdfoil.com.

If you’d like to learn more about advertising with CBDFoil.com, please contact us today, and one of our team members will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to working with you.

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