CBD Oil Dosage for Cats

Have you ever pondered administering CBD to your furry feline? Chances are, you've been exposed to the growing trend of pet CBD as more and more people use it for their pets. You may have heard about its potential benefits regarding health issues such as allergies or stress your cat is dealing with or possibly just wanting to support optimal wellness. If so, consider this guide on how much CBD should be given to cats. Although CBD oil and other products have been on the market for quite some time, the correct CBD oil dosage for cats is still not an exact science. So, let's stroll down the guide and find out how much CBD cats should take.

How does CBD Oil Dosage for Cats work on their systems?

It's important to understand how CBD works in the body. Cats, like humans, have an Endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is composed of different receptors interacting with cannabis compounds such as CBD and THC. The ECS helps regulate several bodily functions such as mood, sleep, pain response, and more. It's through this interaction between the ECS and cannabinoids that many of the potential benefits associated with CBD arise.

How Much CBD Oil Dosage for Cats is Safe to administer?

When dosing your cat with CBD oil or any other product containing CBD, it can be difficult to know the right amount for them. Generally speaking, cats may need a lower dosage than dogs because they are smaller. However, this is not always the case.

The best way to determine how much CBD should be given to your cat is by consulting with a veterinarian or pet care specialist who can help you decide on an appropriate amount. It's also important to understand that some cats may react differently than others, so starting slowly and slowly increasing the dosage as needed is important.

CBD Oil Dosage for cats chart by size and weight

The following chart is a general guideline that can be used as a starting point when determining the right dosage of CBD oil for cats. It's important to remember that this may vary depending on the individual, so it's best to start with the lowest recommended amount and adjust it according to your cat's needs.

Weight Range (lbs)CBD Dosage (mg)
2-71-2 mg/day
7-142-4 mg/day
14-205-7 mg/day
20+ 8+ mg/day

Safety Tips for CBD Oil Dosage for Cats

Considering CBD oil for your cat, it’s important to follow some basic safety tips when determining the proper CBD dosage. CBD oil is safe and beneficial for cats when used correctly, but there are potential risks with any form of medication.

1. Tart slowly by giving small doses of CBD oil once or twice daily, as recommended by your veterinarian. This will help prevent any adverse reactions and allow your cat to adjust to the CBD oil before increasing the amount given.

2. It’s also important to know that CBD oil can interact with other medications, so always consult your vet before starting CBD treatment for your pet. Your vet may need to adjust dosages or provide alternative medications when CBD oil is given.

3. When giving CBD oil to your cat, try to use CBD products specifically formulated for cats or other small animals. CBD oil meant for humans may not be as effective in cats due to differences in metabolism and weight.

4. CBD products vary widely in quality and concentration, so make sure you purchase from a reputable source. If possible, buy CBD oils tested by an independent lab for potency and purity to ensure your cat receives the best product. With these safety tips in mind, CBD can be a safe and beneficial treatment for many medical conditions in cats. Speak with your veterinarian if you think CBD might be helpful for your pet.


It’s no rocket science, but a simple one; from treating epilepsy to ridding anxiety, CBD is evidently effective on cats. So, you can go ahead and put administer CBD oil dosage for cats depending on your kitties’ needs. Just make sure, while administering CBD oil to cats, remember, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The best way to determine the right amount of CBD is by consulting a veterinary professional who can advise you on the best dosage for your pet. Additionally, it's important to ensure that you buy from a reputable brand and use a product specifically designed for cats.

CBD Oil Dosage for Cats

Frequently Asked Questions

Can cats overdose on CBD?

While it is unlikely that cats would overdose on CBD, it's still important to exercise caution when administering the supplement. Start with a small dosage and adjust as needed. If you notice any adverse reactions after giving your cat CBD oil or any other supplement containing CBD, contact your vet immediately.

Is there an age limit for giving my cat CBD?

It is best to consult with a veterinary professional before giving your pet any dietary supplement, including CBD. Generally speaking, kittens should not be given CBD until they are 8 weeks old.

What are the potential side effects of using CBD in cats?

Some potential side effects of using CBD in cats may include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or increased appetite. Additionally, cats can experience an allergic reaction or negative interaction if they take other medications.

How long will CBD effects last on cats?

The effects of CBD in cats can vary depending on the individual, so it's important to monitor your cat for any changes. Generally speaking, the effects of CBD should last anywhere from 4-6 hours. additionally, if you are using a tincture or oil form of CBD with your cat, it's best to start with a low dose and increase as needed over time.

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